Cyber Security


Vulnerability Assessments

What are they?

Vulnerability assessments and “pen tests” are part of IL Group’s fee-based, a-la-carte selection of cybersecurity services. This service not only identifies weaknesses, but also helps meet compliance requirements, as third-party evaluations have become essential for issues such as audits and supply chain management.

IL Group’s team of experts will:

  • Scan your network, identify vulnerabilities and attempt to ethically exploit them from a hacker’s perspective
  • Provide a summary of findings and detailed analytical reports
  • Rank vulnerabilities on the CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System), so you know what to address first
  • Recommend remediation and provide references for identified conclusions
Vulnerability Assessments

Why they’re important

Where and how might your company be vulnerable to a cyberattack? It’s best to find out before a hacker shows you. IL Group’s assessments, testing, and remediation strategies can help answer these questions. Our team of experts will expose vulnerabilities that could otherwise lead to costly cyberattacks and data loss.

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