Cyber Security

Awareness Training

Cyber Security Awareness Training

What is it?

Our web-based education courses, created by our team of leading cybersecurity experts, will raise employee awareness of all cybersecurity risks and mitigation strategies. To keep information security top of mind, all course material is presented in short, engaging, and easy-to-understand monthly training sessions followed by proficiency tests.

Each Course Features:

  • Easy to understand material
  • Industryand companyspecific content
  • Positive reinforcement through gamification
  • Automated progress reports to managers
A Clip From Our Awareness Training
Cyber Security Awareness Training

Why it’s important

Data breaches can be costly and damage your company’s reputation. Educating your workforce is a critical component to complete cyber security strategy. Our web-based education courses raise awareness of important cybersecurity risks and teach effective mitigation strategies.

IL Group’s Awareness Training Can Help:

  • Avoid Costly Breaches
  • Safeguard Your Company’s Reputation
  • Empower Your Workforce
  • Strengthen Overall Security

Security Awareness Training customers see less malware than those with just antivirus software.

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IL Group Cyber Security

What Sets Us Apart?

Simplified Monthly Web-Based Training

Integration of Policies & Procedures

Effective Proficiency Tests

Positive Reinforcement Systems

Data-Driven Reports to Track Key Metrics

The Right Blend of Education

“IL Group’s presentation was informative yet entertaining and created awareness of our vulnerability as we live in such a technological age. You will walk away from their session with a greater awareness of phishing scams and how to better protect yourself.”

Laurel Knight Branch Manager at Freedom Mortgage

Simple Pricing

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1-10 Employees


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11-50 Employees


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51-250 Employees


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per year


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Key Factors When Choosing Awareness Training

To be effective, security training needs to be distributed to employees in short (5 -10 minutes) sessions that are easy to understand, deeply engaging, and scheduled at regular intervals. This is the best way to keep information security top of mind.

You’ll also want to consider:

  • Does the training integrate with your policies & procedures?
  • Are there systems that can track key metrics?
  • Is the training broad or specific to your industry?

Still Undecided?

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