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We’ve got answers with over three decades of experience behind them.

We began in 1989 with three core values—understanding our clients’ needs, delivering outstanding products and providing exceptional customer service. For three decades, our commitment to these values has made us one of the most trusted insurance partners in the financial services industry. 

Today, we are widely known for our personalized service and security expertise. Our cost-effective solutions are a perfect fit for a wide range of industries and companies of any size.
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A Suite of Cyber Security Services

With Global Reach

Awareness Training

Stop threats in their tracks


Cybersecurity expertise within reach


Uncover network vulnerabilities

Policies and Procedures

Protect your organization

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IL Group’s industry leading experts work with you to understand your specific operational needs. We can help you get started, or match you with one of our custom tailored solutions. It’s really that simple.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Anthony Box

    Servicing Administrator
    “IL Group has really delivered! They evaluated our business, found us the best insurance to meet our needs and have been providing excellent customer service. Their personalized service, affordability and quick response have made a huge difference.”
  • Joanna Shelton

    Technology Director
    “Working with IL Group has been an awesome experience! We initially evaluated the competition, but we found that they were pushing “bundle” packages and required us to buy more than we needed. IL Group was the only company that listened to our specific insurance needs and then tailored a product to fit our business model and culture. I highly recommend them.”
  • Scott Alexander

    Director of Operations
    “IL Group has delivered us invaluable peace of mind. They are easy to work with, super responsive and always looking ahead to help avoid potential issues. On top of that, their technology integrates directly into our operating system. We’re incredibly happy with IL Group.”
  • Slade Camp

    Director, Mortgage Loan Servicing
    “IL Group is a responsive, customer-focused advocate for us. If issues arise procedurally or with policy, we can leverage them as business partners. They truly act as an extension of our team. We can have full confidence that our insurance needs will be met.”
  • Robert Parker

    Senior Vice President
    “IL Group has been amazing at helping us get more out of our insurance. Not only do they have a wide array of insurance products that are customized to our needs, they also act as an expert liaison with our insurance vendors, which has been incredibly helpful. They are like an extension to our team—generating reports and resolving any disputes—so we can focus on our core business.”

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